Real-Time UAF Eulerian Parallel Polar Ionosphere Model

Ionospheric Movies

High-resolution (28x28 km) model run animation (2.1 MB)

Animation of the ionospheric fine structutres development inside the UAF EPPIM subdomain of 2000x2200 km size. Simulations were performed with horizontal resolution 28x28 km, 80 minutes of model time or 20 model time steps are represented in this MPEG-format movie (2.1 MB)

Ionospheric Storm of March 19-20, 1990 (MPEG, 3 MB)

An example of simulation of ionospheric response for the highly-disturbed period, an animation covering a period of intensive magnetic storm March 19-20, 1990. This simulation is produced by early versions of EPPIM with the horizontal resolution 220x220 km.

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