Real-Time UAF Eulerian Parallel Polar Ionosphere Model

Current Ionospheric 3-D Data as Vis5D database

Due to the local network limitations, currently this feature is invoked on demand only. Please e-mail the site maintainer to make an arrangement.

The volume rendering package Vis5D, available for free downloading from Vis5D home site, is a powerful graphical tool for exploration of complex 3-D time-dependent datasets. It is compatible with a variety of the UNIX platforms and has been ported to Linux, WindowsNT, and OS/2 environments. Cross-platform capabilites of Vis5D allow to use it as the WWW-brouser plug-in.

During its real-time run the UAF EPPIM model is capable to output the 3-D distribution of ionospheric parameters from the entire model domain at every time step. The Vis5D format applies the data compression up to one byte per node per variable, reducing the overall size of the data file to a manageable level. For the current run, the EPPIM grid dimensions are 303x367x43 and the size of volumetric data for one scalar variable is reduceable by this compression to ~4.6 MB. The UAF EPPIM real-time users can download these files, either with full resolution of with down-sampled resolution and applying sub-ranging. Then the files can be opened locally with Vis5D viewer. Additionally, a simple script placed in a crontab shell allows to automaticaly append the Vis5D batabase by ftp-ing the updated at specified time interval. Thus, the EPPIM rela-time users can acquire both an animation and the volume-rendering capability for the ionospheric data analysis.

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