Real-Time UAF Eulerian Parallel Polar Ionosphere Model

Current Ionospheric Map in the NCAR Graphics gmeta-file vector format

The ionospheric map available on this page represents the horizontal cross-section of high-resolution output (35x35km) of the ionospheric model 3-D output. The map is developed with visualization package NCAR Graphics in its proprietary vector gmeta-file format. With NCAR Graphics viewer (idt) you can zoom to the map details if you tranfer the current gmeta-file to your site (by right click on most browsers, the file size is 100-150 kB) and open it locally with NCAR Graphics viewer idt. Alternatively, you can add idt as a plug-in to your browser.

Pre-compiled NCAR Graphics binaries are freely available for most platforms at the NCAR Graphics downloading site. With idt you can create an animated sequence of the ionospheric developements. For that you need to arrange a crontab process to ftp several updated gmeta-files every five minutes and than append an obtained set of gmeta frames together (see med-editor manual for details at the NCAR Graphics WWW-page).

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