Real-Time UAF Eulerian Parallel Polar Ionosphere Model

This display is automaticlly updated every 5 minutes

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The ionospheric maps on this display are automaticlly updated every 5 minutes. The maps represent the horizontal cross-sections of the 3-D domain of the UAF EPPIM, which is cut at 300 km of altitude northward from 50N of geographic latitude. This geographycally symmetric window enables an implementation of the GEOGRAPHIC LATITUDE vs. LOCAL TIME frame for the map representation. For two time instants --the current UT (upper row) and the current UT + advance time (lower row) -- the maps show the electron density colorized contours and the ionospheic drifts' vectors. Advance time is defined as a distance to ACE satellite (~1.5 million kilometers) devided by the current solar wind bulk velocity. Depending on its current value, the forecast advance varies in a range of approximately 30 to 90 minutes, which corresponds to the extreme velocities of 830 km/sec and 280 km/sec respectively. An average solar wind velocity of 400-450 km/sec results in one hour advance for the forecast (see Introduction for details).

The left panel in each row shows a general view of the electron density pattern and the time-dependent values of geophysical indeces. The color bar uses the logarithmic scale for electron density. Small white numbers inside the color bar indicate the plasma frequencies in MHz, corresponding to the indicated electron densities. Since the cross-section altitude of 300 km is relatively close to the F2-region maximum, these values can be useful for a crude evaluation of the foF2 range.

The real-time Air Force/NOAA nowcast of the geomagnetic activity is shown on the plot left side and the curret level of solar activity is specified on the plot at the bottom. The orientation and magnitude of the ACE IMF vector are placed on the graph in the lower left corner. White color for the IMF vector indicates a gap in the real-time IMF data (see Introduction). The arrow in the lower right corner represents a scale for the drift magnitude of 1.5 km/sec. The date and time are present in the upper right corner of the left panel. The right panel shows maginified ionospheric map.

More detailed description of the maps and discussion of the polar ionosphere formation factors are available here.

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